Recognizing, facilitating and commiting acts of kindnes in Spokane and beyond.

Starting With Violet

Business of Kindness is just about to launch the “Rise of Caramel” Kickstarter. You can find a preview of everything I will be working towards on

In addition to caramel I have been creating Intentional Jewelry Designs. These are necklaces, earrings and bracelets made from symbolic and healing semi precious stones that work together to support personal goals and chakra balancing. Each necklace comes with its own statement card and a break down of what each stone is historically recognized for.

If you are drawn to a certain piece, check out the statement it represents and it may just resonate with you and vibrate your heart strings, or perhaps it will simply look fabulous on!

So far I have violet (crown chakra) necklaces available, and the rest are soon to follow! Enjoy 🙂

Weight of Glory Detail

Weight of Glory is an 18 inch, sturdily built necklace on nylon coated stainless steel wire with a secure clasp. The focal beads are made of pyrite, spaced with amethyst, then smoky quartz and finally hematite. This necklace feels especially good when you wear it because of the comforting weight of the pyrite stones. The statement I had in mind when I created this piece was “I realize my full potential with wisdom and divine assistance”

Pyrite: Taps into one’s abilities and potential, stimulating the flow of ideas. It brings confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion.

Amethyst: Known for clear thinking, spiritual wisdom and protection.

Smoky Quartz: A grounding stone that dissipates negative energy.

Hematite: A grounding stone that improves relationships and boosts intuition.

We Win

When first embarking on the journey we call life,

Adversity seemed the source of never ending strife.

You cause my feet to stumble, you pointed out my shame.

You slipped through my defenses, and poked at all my pain.

I finally caught on and turned the table on your games.

Your tricks no longer hinder me, I count them all as gain.

The wind that used to whip my face is now beneath my wings.

That storm that used to steal my joy, is the rain in which I sing.

Your opposing forces only helped to build my strength,

Your steadfast pursuit helped me to walk and not grow faint.

Where once all your Resistance only seemed to pull me back,

The sling’s been shot and now I see, that I’m on the attack.

Where once I was afflicted and bogged down in misery,

Now I am the warrior that I am called me to be.

Thanks for all your help. You have taught me how to win.

Now I see adversity truly was my friend.

Fighting Forlorn

An updated post from the past

Feelings into thoughts,

Thoughts into words,

Words onto paper,

But still it hurts.

Trying to make,

Peace with the pain.

Trying to dance,

In thunder and rain.

But I am soaked,

Chilled to the bone.

Feeling like heartache,

is no place to call home.

In the midst of the storm,

I still see the sun.

Shining always,

In some place I can’t run.

I’ve built a greenhouse,

A safe place in the storm.

And even through clouds,

The sun makes it warm.

Growth here is slow,

Seeds sprout & turn green,

But the fruit here is rare,

And not easily seen.

I imagine I’m stronger,

But this path is no fun.

I really just wish,

That I could be done.

I’ll tend my greenhouse.

I’ll seek peace in the storm.

And in the shadow of doubt,

I’ll fight this forlorn.

Some look at dandelions,
And just see the weeds.
I see determination,
And possibilities.

You see my mess,
But I see a masterpiece.
You see a lawn to mow,
Where I see a field of dreams.

They have their blinders on,
Content with what they’ve seen.
I have the gift of vision,
So, I wonder what could be.

It won’t come fast or easy.
This I already know.
When it comes to failure.
I am already pro.

It might not come this month.
It might not come this year.
But it will come on time,
Let’s make that crystal clear.

I will never be content,
Just doing what’s been done.
I am the up and coming.
I am the rising sun.

Where is my victory?
How can I succeed,
When my biggest oppressor,
Lives within me.

She is under my skin.
She is inside head.
She’s awake in my dreams,
When I’m lying in bed.

She seeks to maim.
She seeks to deceive.
She hamstrings my hope.
And brings faith to its knees.

She holds me so close
I can’t tell us apart,
She keeps me confused,
Like its some kind of art.

She skews my perspective,
Projects all my fears.
She says expect nothing,
But failure and tears.

Is that voice fear?
Or is it wisdom?
Are these my shackles,
Or the Keys to freedom?

Hope hamstrung, still lives.
Faith’s not dead its just grieving.
The worst has happened,
And yet I’m still breathing.

So I quiet my mind,
And I cover my eyes.
I will not be moved,
by her fear and her lies.

I won’t be deceived,
If I cannot hear.
And If I cannot see,
I have nothing to fear.

Thus, I proceed,
Better off blind and deaf.
For the path is true,
And It guides every step.

And Then She Let Go

Let Go! Let Go! Let Go! It was on repeat, it was all she could hear. But her hands were still clenched tight. She knew that by letting go she would lose something, but the only way to move forward was to let go. What was it that she held onto? She was afraid to find out. Whatever it was, she had been holding it as long as she could remember, so long it had become part of her. Defiant fists maintained their silent revolt. Finally, something gave way inside of her. The fear of loss was overtaken by the desire for growth. Her wrists went slack, her hands stopped shaking, and of their own volition angry fists gave way to the white flag of her palms. The things she held onto remained but a moment before they flew away.

One by one they went; fear, self doubt and insecurity. As each one took flight, she remembered the moments in her childhood, when, in innocence she chose to pick them up. She had carried them for so long. She thought they were for her protection. She felt the relief of weight she thought was her own and pain so constant it went unnoticed. They were no longer part of her, and they were never meant to be.

I shared about this on my facebook page and it seemed to be a popular subject so I thought I’d expand a bit.
When something works for me, I am inclined to sing it from the rooftops. But that doesn’t mean it works for you. For instance, many people struggle on low carb diets. Many people say its bad for you. I however thrive on 25 carbs or less a day. I don’t crave them, I don’t get brain fog and I even lose my dark circles. But I think I’m an anomaly. A balance of carbs and protein makes me gain fat and have a big appetite (even the complex carbs like oatmeal). A vegan diet makes me waste away, muscularly and gain fat. And I know how to heat a high protein nutrient dense vegan diet. A vegan diet is not good for my body. My body thrives on meat, eggs and veggies. It bugs me when people think that their way of life, diet, religion or otherwise is the only way. This is called self righteousness and it is a crime against unique individuals. From our body chemistry to our perspectives, we are different from each other, I said DIFFERENT not WRONG. . We are not cookie cut outs, though many groups and individuals may wish we were. We are puzzle pieces. We have a specialized niche to fill. We may be able to be categorized into corner pieces, edge pieces or center pieces but we still have one and only one spot to fill and it belongs us alone. The picture of humanity will not be complete until you find your place. Don’t try to fit into someone else’s space. It will be uncomfortable and painful for everyone involved. It might take you a while to find where you belong, but when you do it will be beautiful. Don’t try to convince someone else that they should be shaped like you. It can only ever be a lie and you won’t be able to share your spot, but you will keep someone from finding their own.