Recognizing, facilitating and commiting acts of kindnes in Spokane and beyond.

I’m privileged to tell you that I know this guy. He is a scholar, a self driven athlete, a lover of life and a relentless advocate for doing what’s right. In addition to all that he is a great friend of mine. Perhaps I should have told his story sooner, but he is leaving for 3 years to teach English in another country any day now, and I think this would be the perfect time to share it.
Justin was on a stroll through downtown Spokane with a lady friend when an act of domestic violence literally erupted out of a nearby house. A heavily pregnant woman burst from a house into the street screaming for help and a man stormed after her. Justin asked his friend to call 911 and he headed towards the mayhem. Before he could get to her, the man brutally punched her in the face and stomach. When the man saw Justin coming he moved to engage him, this gave the woman a chance to flee, but it was also a big mistake because Justin has dedicated much of his time to the practice of Judo and other martial arts. Before the man could do anymore damage Justin was able to knock him out with a clean straight right and put him face down into a secure hold until the situation was neutralized.
The name Justin means Justice and this guy lives up to his name, he is something of a warrior priest and wandering knight. Suffice it to say, chivalry is not dead and if you are lucky enough to be his friend, or unlucky enough to be a damsel in distress, he won’t hesitate to put himself in harms way to protect you.
Have fun on your new adventure my friend!


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  1. Kind words. Bless you!

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