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The Enemy in Me

Where is my victory?
How can I succeed,
When my biggest oppressor,
Lives within me.

She is under my skin.
She is inside head.
She’s awake in my dreams,
When I’m lying in bed.

She seeks to maim.
She seeks to deceive.
She hamstrings my hope.
And brings faith to its knees.

She holds me so close
I can’t tell us apart,
She keeps me confused,
Like its some kind of art.

She skews my perspective,
Projects all my fears.
She says expect nothing,
But failure and tears.

Is that voice fear?
Or is it wisdom?
Are these my shackles,
Or the Keys to freedom?

Hope hamstrung, still lives.
Faith’s not dead its just grieving.
The worst has happened,
And yet I’m still breathing.

So I quiet my mind,
And I cover my eyes.
I will not be moved,
by her fear and her lies.

I won’t be deceived,
If I cannot hear.
And If I cannot see,
I have nothing to fear.

Thus, I proceed,
Better off blind and deaf.
For the path is true,
And It guides every step.

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