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There can only be One….of you

I shared about this on my facebook page and it seemed to be a popular subject so I thought I’d expand a bit.
When something works for me, I am inclined to sing it from the rooftops. But that doesn’t mean it works for you. For instance, many people struggle on low carb diets. Many people say its bad for you. I however thrive on 25 carbs or less a day. I don’t crave them, I don’t get brain fog and I even lose my dark circles. But I think I’m an anomaly. A balance of carbs and protein makes me gain fat and have a big appetite (even the complex carbs like oatmeal). A vegan diet makes me waste away, muscularly and gain fat. And I know how to heat a high protein nutrient dense vegan diet. A vegan diet is not good for my body. My body thrives on meat, eggs and veggies. It bugs me when people think that their way of life, diet, religion or otherwise is the only way. This is called self righteousness and it is a crime against unique individuals. From our body chemistry to our perspectives, we are different from each other, I said DIFFERENT not WRONG. . We are not cookie cut outs, though many groups and individuals may wish we were. We are puzzle pieces. We have a specialized niche to fill. We may be able to be categorized into corner pieces, edge pieces or center pieces but we still have one and only one spot to fill and it belongs us alone. The picture of humanity will not be complete until you find your place. Don’t try to fit into someone else’s space. It will be uncomfortable and painful for everyone involved. It might take you a while to find where you belong, but when you do it will be beautiful. Don’t try to convince someone else that they should be shaped like you. It can only ever be a lie and you won’t be able to share your spot, but you will keep someone from finding their own.